Wednesday 14 November 2012

Excitement bursts!

Wot, no alpacas? Looknig from our original field into the new field.

After three and a half years of waiting, we have completed the purchase of a large, south-facing field behind our property! as recently as July we were told that it wouldn't be sold, and we should make other arrangements for our herd, so we are delighted that events turned in our favour, and we can now look forward, make plans for the development of the herd, and feel assured in having adequate grazing to allow for resting, and our own supply of hay.

As I said in the previous post, we had a truck-load of fencing posts, gates and mesh delivered in anticipation for phase one, but I wouldn't announce the purpose until the ink was dry, and the wax seal had hardened!

We have been sketching various layouts of paddock and laneways, and have now settled on a plan.

We've been planning hedge trimming, tree-planting, forming a parking/turning area, shelters, water supply, soil testing and bio-security measures.

Paddock divisions might allow for quarantine, open males, whethers, pregnant females and a nursery.

Looking up to our original property, the alpacas are just visible to the left of the hedge on the brow.
For now, phase one is to form the link between our fields, with one paddock to see us through the winter - phase two to be steady development of the remainder. Phase one begins tomorrow!


  1. Oooh how exciting, it looks a big plot, how many acres do you have there. Looks like many an hour of happy fencing to be had :-)

  2. Very exciting news!
    That's a lot of fencing - hope you've got a post knocker!

  3. Congratulations, its always great to achieve what they tell you is impossible. Happy fencing :0)

  4. Great news. We look forward to watching the Applevale herd grow and prosper!

  5. Well done Dave & Joy, thats really great news. Good luck with all the planning! Shirley & Robbie

  6. I knew it! Well done I know how much it means to you, we are very happy for you!