Sunday 11 November 2012

Advantage, alpacas.

We finished fencing the old tennis court this morning, so it is ready for weaning or quarantine purposes, and we had a truck-load of fencing, posts and gates delivered for a future project, which we had to move

The herd have spent the weekend in an adjoining paddock of lush grass, and Golden Delicious found it so appetising, she refused her bottle both lunchtimes!

Today has been gloroius, and we've had two dry days, so I cleared the bedding out of the shelter, and the 'squelch' has gone from the paddocks.

"If I've got this wrong, I'm in the *#*#  !"


  1. Love that photo! Shirley & Robbie

  2. So you get rid of their tennis court and the alpacas have take up long jump for a sport!

    Poover broken down Dave!

  3. Great photo. Drying off a bit up here too, thank goodness.