Monday 4 July 2011


Before I set off for Lynton in North Devon this morning, Minnie showed no signs of unusual behaviour - just as I arrived on site 2 hours later, the phone rang, with Mrs. Smallholder announcing the swift, un-assisted arrival of a boy - at the same time as the Sainsburys shopping delivery, a lady doing a random MORI poll, the postman, our Studio project manager, and a random bloke from the  next village (?) who is interested in our building!  - there was no sign of the Pied Piper...

now we had six girls in our herd, three born on-farm, so I hadn't realised that alpacas come in a male variety too ;-)

Welcome into the world, Apple Vale Camelot - keeping our theme of apple varieties, and there is a local Arthurian connection, so that all fits well. The fruit tree description states, "... late cropper, scab resistant..." ha ha, even better! I had hoped for a female, to be called Cornish Gilliflower!

He's solid white, 8.7kg, and 341 days. Sire was Ashill Grenadier, who has Rural Alianza Wiracocha of Wessex as his sire.


  1. Something obviously tasted good!!

  2. AnonymousJuly 04, 2011

    What a cuttie....x Gaye

  3. Congratulations...he's a handsome chap.....what a lovely surprise.....Jayne

  4. Well done Minnie...he looks a little cracker!

  5. Well done! I wondered when you lot were going to join in!
    He looks lovely.

  6. Looks like even Tom Cobley was at this birth, Dave! Congrats - he's a bonnie boy. Shirley & Robbie

  7. What a super chap, well done Minnie.
    What a busy time, just like buses, first none, then they all come at once.

    Congrats on you first boy.


  8. There are some informative websites if you remain confused about the arrival of boys and girls at Apple Vale!! Nevertheless, he looks gorgeous and will no doubt help you learn more about little boys!!

  9. Love the wee tongue. He looks a strong boy. The name is very nice too.