Friday 8 July 2011

Camelot - 4-days old.

Putting on weight nicely, thanks to mum.

Camelot - camel, not!

All of this years cria are in this picture, can you see him? clue: he's pretending to be a stork, but actually moving very fast!

Camelot is making good progress - like most of the country we've had heavy showers since he was born on a warm monday morning, so at night we've been putting a coat on him, but it's going to improve now, so we'll leave it off tonight as it's quite mild. He's been gaining an average 300g per day.
 We found with Ambrosia (her second, but our first) that Minnie is a great mum - she's feisty, has a whiplash kick, but in the later stages of pregnancy, I see a maternal 'glow' come over her, as with a human mum-to-be, but she always remains aloof - not one to eat from your hand.


  1. Ahhh...lovely!

    You still waiting for a dry day to get the shearing done Dave?

  2. Nice to see the little lad thriving.
    Yes, are we skipping shearing this year?

  3. It's frustrating as the girls are hot when the sun shines, but the planned shearing was rained off, and it's been showery since, so we're waiting to be fitted in...

  4. Camelot is looking rather....regal standing on one leg...doing a stalk impression !....Im liking the comment...very witty !!....hehe !!.......we too are very wet...up here in Scotland at the moment....did anyone....mention summer !.......Jayne