Sunday 19 June 2011

Lots to look forward to.

Minnie, at 326 days enjooying the view at the brow of the hill.

Bramley has been at 'finishing school' this week - following weaning in March, and trips to a couple of shows, she relapsed and has been having suckles from Pelachuta, perhaps unsettled by the move to the temporary paddock - so last week we seperated the adults from the younger ones. Strangely, they all took a dim view of this, and despite clear rivalries normally between Ambrosia and Moira, they all hung around each side of the fence day and night, rarely going far to graze, or to the top of the hill to look at the view. Today we put them all in the top field to lift their spirits, and they've wandered all over the place, clearly glad to be back together. Clearly breeders with larger herds have to do lots of moving and separating, but it seems that a group of six aged from 1 to 8  has a strong bond that's easily unsettled.

Work on the fibre studio is becoming more visible, with the plinth brickwork being laid yesterday, dodging the showers, and hopefully a big step forward this week, with the timber frame due to arrive tomorrow!
The plinth brickwork shows the outlines more clearly.

More excitement, as this weekend I'm off to Glastonbury Festival!

I see that Beck Brow Minnie and Patou Minnie have delivered their cria recently, and our Minnie is now at 326 days so hopefully will join them soon. (I can get back quickly from Glasto' should the need arise).


  1. Herd dynamics are one of the most interesting things about alpacas...I love their interactions.

    Good luck Minnie...our Minnie is now doing fine:)

  2. I can just see it now. A timber frame fiber studio taking the form of the pyramid stage !

  3. Hope you manage to keep dry down there you old hippy! (Although I suspect you're only going to see the Wombles!)