Thursday 30 June 2011

Bunny inspects poover.

Well the fibre workshop and studio is showing visible progress now, with the timber-framed walls going up in the last week, and roofing currently taking place. Mrs. Smallholder became Mrs. Ambulance Driver when one of the carpenters had a disagreement with a saw.

One evening I surprised a rabbit hiding in long grass and nearly gave him a journey up the Poover tube!

Glastonbury Festival came and went with contrasts between very wet and very hot - the sort of sticky  mud that takes both hands to pull your boots out on friday, to sweltering heat on sunday - all in all quite brilliant - I saw U2 on friday in the front enclosure in constant steady drizzle turning to rain wearing many layers of clothing, and finished seeing Beyonce on  a warm evening in T-shirt and shorts on sunday, with lots in between.

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  1. Glad you survived Glastonbury....and Beyonce's thighs !!....hehe....poor little bunny...glad you didn't manage to suck that one up....I think it might have caused a bit of a blockage !.....the workshop is looking great !.....Jayne