Sunday 12 June 2011

Concrete ensuite.

"About time he took a turn inside the pen - he's not coming out until he's finished"
 When the girls spent several days in the shelter during the snow a couple of winters back, they started a latrine just beyond the roof canopy, which of course they have since continued, whether they are taking shelter from rain, or shade from the sun. As this area is just gravel and hardcore, it's difficult to clean up, and so yesterday, I took advantage of the builders mixer and started a concrete latrine 'apron'. Of course we'll need a ceremonial laying-on of some poo so that they continue to use the same spot...or will they? I may be extending the slab gradually.

The always attentive Bramley takes notes on concreting - she could be useful next time.


  1. But has the workmanship passed the Bramley test I wonder...only poo will tell!

  2. Its great to be back in blog-land....and to be able to catch up on the goings-on at Apple Vale........Jayne