Monday 28 March 2011

Plans passed, pasture planned.

Our plans for the fleece preparation workshop and studio were passed last week, so now we're chasing builders - Mrs. Smallholder took the roof off the cattery building, and a lady who breeds Maine Coon cats in the village has collected all of the runs and pens, which is great because they were in good condition and now have a new lease of life.

The girls were to have gone on their 'holidays' at the weekend, but a delay at the holiday pasture has put it back to next weekend. I am more convinved that Minnie is pregnant, as she's entered a feeding shy stage just like when she was expecting Ambrosia.

We gave them all Lambivac, the last ADE of the winter, and a pedicure - it's been a busy couple of weeks with paperwork, getting show entries worked out, considering the breeding programme, getting a ticket to Glastonbury Festival (yesss!), and learning a difficult guitar part for the Kings of Leons 'Sex on Fire' for this weekend.

Meanwhile, I particularly enjoyed Question 17 in the Census...

I've not even had time to whip out the camera, so here is a picture of my favourite structure while I listen to the new albums by REM and Elbow - far better than The Test Card and some 'light music'.


  1. Excellent news re your new building venture ! Question 17 !....I havent even opened the envelope !!....looking forward to those babies.....enjoy the guitar plucking ! Im hoping its not as dangerous as alpaca farming !!......Jayne

  2. Good news about the plans folks...and fingers crossed for Minnie. Good music choices Dave...and yes I do know my REM from my Elbow!

  3. You don't often read a sentance like "Mrs. Smallholder took the roof off the cattery building" so thank you for that, and my hat's off to Mrs Smallholder..

  4. That made me laugh Barbara!
    And Bev, Mrs. Smallholder went on to cut down the roadside hedge, assisted by Miss Smallholder and Tiny Smallholder! I've had to hold her back from dismantling the rest of the cattery, as we're supposed to be 'converting' it.