Sunday 6 March 2011

Hats in the ring.

Above, Bramley and her mum Pelachuta, enjoy their last evening together for a while.Yesterday we started Bramleys weaning - she is just over six months, and with a settled spell of weather, pressure to moveall the girls and rest the paddock, and show-time looming, it was time to act. We've divided the herd, keeping her group in the paddock with a shelter - they stay a way from the shelter though, opting to stay as close to the other group as possible. This paddock is also next to the garden, so we have started her halter training with visits to the lawn for good grazing, and to take her mind off mum. We are hoping that Minnie is still pregnant, and so she is in that group, and can get some good grass too.There's been a bit of pacing along the fence line and  humming, but that's true of several of the group - they don't like being seperated.

I was bent over poo-picking yesterday and Bramley came up to me and ducked under me looking for a suckle - I couldn't help though!

I've packaged my photo's for posting to the Futurity tomorrow, and checked that the suit trousers still fit. 'We' are taking a craft stall there, which Mrs. Smallholder (Joy) will be 'manning', under the a.p.p.l.e brand name - she's been very busy making all sorts of items for the stall - so do stop and say hello - I'm looking forward to every aspect of the show - if you  read this blog but you don't have alpacas yet, it's a great way to spend a day, with the seminars, the show ring, the fleeces, crafts, trade stalls and breeders to talk to - then later there's the fashion show, auctions and dinner -it's a great weekend absorbing all things alpaca -(11th & 12th, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire) - last year we missed the first day, as I was 'trapped' doing jury service.

We've had a letter from the Planners with queries about our project, referring to our "flock"!

We cast a critical eye over over Ambrosia (above) and Autumn Gold to see whether they should be shown this year, and we have reservations about both, but Bramley will definitely be putting her hat in the ring - meanwhile, hats made with Ambrosia's fleece and Autumn Golds' fleece WILL be on the craft table!

To finish, here's Pixie surveying the garden:


  1. Bramley looks delicious ! I do hope your 'Flock' will survive when you are away !! Makes you wonder if the planners have 'herd' of alpacas...after all !! Enjoy the Futurity and hope the craft stall does a roaring trade .......Jayne

  2. See you soon guys, looking forward to seeing you and your products!

  3. Weaning is always tough isn't it.

    Hope to get to see you and Mrs Smallholders products.

  4. Bramley is looking great Dave.

    Hopefully we will catch up with you both on Friday...looking forward to it.

  5. Nice photos Dave -all the best at the Futurity.