Sunday 14 March 2010

Mother alpacas Day

Thanks for all your comments on weaning - having firstly decided that I would wean them, rather than have them self-wean, I decided that I would start today. There are many factors to take into account when deciding whether to wean, and then when to wean, and how you will wean on your land, and every breeder will have a different set of circumstances in some way or other. As with many aspects of husbandry, you have to do what you consider is right for you and your herd.

Ambrosia has always had a close bond with her mum, Minnie. Autumn Gold however, at the age of one month had the leg sequester, and so spent some time apart from her mum Pelachuta, with three trips to the Vet, and apart while mum grazed - so Pela has often appeared indifferent towards her, and only let her suckle when and where she wanted to.

Unfortunately, we are unable to set ours out of sight from each other.

So it wasn't surprising to see Ambrosia immediately pacing up and down the fence, while Autumn Gold wandered around aimlessly, and then start grazing first - Moira was just annoyed that she has to be the babysitter, and has lost the freedom to roam to the top of the hill when she wants to, and has lost the use of the rolling pit! They will be able to use the shelter if they need to.

Meanwhile the mums have been fairly restrained, though they don't have much shelter - at least the weather is reasonable, a few more dry days are forecast before rain at the end of the week - one of the pieces of information I took account of when deciding to start.

Just checked, and it's quiet out there now...fingers crossed.


  1. Good luck with the weaning Dave, one of life's necessary evils!

  2. Hope the weaning is plan. Its always a stressful time..for the babies, and you, if your girls are anything like mine...then soon forget...about the babies !! Thank-you for the Birthday Wishes...its Actually tomorrow...!!!...21 Again !!!!...if only !!...............Jayne

  3. Maybe we're just too lazy....!