Sunday 21 March 2010

LLamas have last laugh

Straight after work this week, we've been leading the babes onto the lawn for some lush grass to make up for losing their mums milk, while giving them time on the halters as well - and they've given us a bit of early lawnmowing in as bonus! - Moira has followed too, which hopefully has made up for being babysitter - she was looking longingly at the top of the hill today. In the picture, I'm explaining to Ambrosia that she is too big to go on Oscars slide.

Most exciting happening this week was buying a trailer yesterday - I've explained to the girls that their tour-bus is just a beginning - just as U2 and Coldplay started out with a transit van before the fully fitted tourbus, so we have to work our way up the transport ladder - having said that, it's a good beginning - I bought it from a lovely lady called Caroline, "the Llama Lady" ( - as I have said before, many of our friends and relatives used to ask, "how are the llamas?" as they struggled to comprehend alpacas as a new concept in the U.K, so it is ironic to have a trailer with llama decals and 'caution llamas' on the back!

I spent this morning scrubbing the lichen off and it's looking great. With a couple of hours poo-picking this afternoon, my elbows are aching. In a few days I'll have a bath to soak in (we've only had a shower since we moved in two years ago and had the downstairs bath taken out), as we've been having an en-suite created - if anyone in Somerset needs a bathroom, they need Mark Cobley - he's brilliant.

Driving with a trailer is still quite new to me, so I drove home with the windows open listening to all the rattles, and then with the windows closed scared myself that it had disappeared! come on, you've all done it.


  1. Now what would make you think...that we'd all done that sort of thing...! I thought that it was only women drivers that lost their...load/trailers..on the way home..thankfully I've not done either..the last time I towed..anything..I had about three ton of Horses..pushing me along the know they are there...!!. Especially when you brake...and pull away...thankfully the Llamas...!!!..Alpacas..are much shouldn't have that problem......Jayne

  2. Early on in my trailer pulling life it did once overtake me going down a hill in a field. I had to ram it with the Land Rover to stop it plunging onto a road. Moral? Never take short cuts with trailers! (It was empty by the way!)

    Now all you need are some nice bright shiney pictures on the sides!

  3. Dave - Well done on getting your trailer - there will be plenty of comments like ,"Left hand down a bit" when reversing from now on! Pleased someone else gets 'poo pickers elbows' by the way - thought it was an age thing in our case! Take care. Shirley & Robbie

  4. I like that; poo pickers elbow. I call mine tennis elbow but as I do far more poo picking than any sporting activity that must be it! Can you get a sick note?

  5. It's alright Jayne, I didn't actually lose the trailer - it was just the silence making me think for a moment that I'd left it behind...Dave.

  6. Looks like a great trailer! My heart would sink about the llamas too... people always ask us how our llamas are.. and I hate saying alpacas with my accent because unless they are local they don't know what I am talking about...!