Sunday 14 February 2010

Red sky at night...

Today has been one of those days when you just can't stop until it gets dark, and then drop in a heap, exhausted, carried away with the enthusiasm of perhaps the first spring-like day. The early cloud cleared leaving a clear blue sky with a slight cold edge to the breeze, but not enough to deter morning coffee outside with just a jumper on.

I'd begun the day draining the two water butts, and re-levelling their platforms as they had tilted slightly. That was followed by dismantling the two hen houses and moving them to the bonfire, as I'd installed the hen palace yesterday with the assistance of our neighbour Rich, and his muscular sons. Tonight we had to put all 16 hens into the palace by hand, one by one as they didn't realise it was for them! Sorry Jayne, we didn't use the sedan chair method, which was disappointing, firstly because it was more a case of brute force which I don't excel in, and secondly because I couldn't use the blog title that I'd already thought up yesterday, based on the early 90's hit by the group James: "oh sedan, oh sedan, sedan next to me..."

Then I took delivery of more hay bales and had to manhandle them up to the shed.

Sessions of halter training yesterday and today, with another attempt at Minnies toe-nails - she was having none of it, kicking like a mule. She spat away from me, into the wind, and I caught its return journey - but at least it had become a fine spray by that point! Last year I thought she had become tetchy due to pregnancy, but this year she's not taken so there's no excuse. I then spent a while just working her around the pen trying to earn her confidence - to be continued...

Then it was time to stack the recent delivery of logs - I've saved the roofs of the hen houses for re-cycling over the log stack - to be continued...

Then spotting a spectacular sunset, I ran up the field with my camera and noticed Pelachuta still wearing her head collar - oops.

Now it's back to the day job - I've been summoned for jury service, and being a self-employed one-man practice , have to finish off committments by the end of the week.


  1. Snap! We too have been very busy today and are now exhausted; you just can't waste a day like today though can you.

    We had a girl who was a nightmare to cut her nails. To be honest when we bought her I don't think her nails had ever been cut (she was 2 and a half!), it took me six months of constant work but I got there in the end. I'll drop you an email.

  2. That's a great pic of the girls in their halters!

  3. Thanks Debbie.
    And of course, 'Sedan' was a play on the title of the James hit, "Sit Down".