Sunday 7 February 2010

Chiropodists assistant kicked by client...

It's been quite a productive day today. First off, Vitamin ADE paste all round. Pela has decided she likes it and stood enviously as the others had theirs. Moira needed persuading, so I had to call in reinforcements in the shape of Mrs. Smallholder - I think I cricked my neck trying to hold Moiras head still and get the gun in her mouth - the trouble with the paste dispenser is that your trigger hand ends up so far away from the business end, that it's like holding a machine gun with one hand, and she ends up with at least one squirt on her face!

After a break for everyone to settle down, it was toenail time. Mostly well behaved, though Autumn Gold thought she should kush, which of course was no help, and Minnie was having none of it, the worst bit being Mrs. Smallholder taking a kick on the leg which swelled up and bruised. I'll have to have another go with Minnie another time.

In the afternoon it was halter training - I moved the hurdles up next to the 'orchard' paddock for haltering-up, and used the paddock as a small training ring - it's like a treat paddock, so they are 'happy' to go in on the lead rope.

Mrs. Smallholder has bought a hen 'palace', so we've been preparing a base for it, and now I need to rally three more strong men to carry it, like a sedan chair across the garden and into the alotment - we've had an assortment of home-made hen houses, so the deluxe model has been well-earned.

After yesterdays sunshine, it's been dull here all day, but at least it was dry - what the weather-forecasters call 'quiet' I think -


  1. Minnie the Minx!.....hope the leg is better soon Mrs S.....Barbara

  2. Its nice to hear that your place, sound as mad as my place !!!!...I don't like to take pleasure in other peoples misfortunes...but I know exactly what you are going through....apart from the Sedan Chair !!..that makes me laugh, I often struggle with the strangest of things ...and regularly ask myself 'WHY'... only we know the answer to that question..or do we !!...Im expecting photos of the bruise and the Deluxe Hen House ....soon....Keep up the good work....its nice to know that there are others experiencing the same as me, makes me feel almost normal.......!!!!!.....Jayne