Wednesday 6 January 2010

Snow - it's all been said hasn't it?

"Mum, will you keep me warm?"

"If you run around Moira, you'll keep warm" - Mrs. Smallholder advises Moira, who was shivering (very little fleece you see). Once a teacher, always a teacher...

"What's this white fluffy stuff between my toes?" - Ambrosia.

"Dad, why haven't we got doors on our house, like the other alpacas?"

Mrs. Smallholder, happy before we took a 50 minute journey to Bristol Airport, only to find her flight to Glasgow had been cancelled after we had left".

Pixie - snow collected around her feet, until they resembled Ugg Boots!

Snow can make the most beautiful sculptures, and enhance dull pieces of furniture, trees etc.

I had no intention of posting, after all, we've all seen snow before, there's nothing left to say... then couldn't resist sharing these with you.

Listening to the fantastic Elbow - 'The Seldom Seen Kid' album.


  1. We are so in to the snow now in Cumbria that the alpacas are actually enjoying it! Lots of pronking today. Latest on Hope you all enjoying too x

  2. It's my two dark girls that feel the cold too. One of them in her infinate wisdom desided to sleep outside this morning and had icicles on her head!

  3. Barbara, I think they were perplexed on day 1, and once the sky cleared they cheered up - this morning as soon as they'd been fed they went up the hill for sunrise. Enjoyed your pics.

  4. Nice to see you also have had there any where that has not !...I like the tea-cosy and the hat, just what you need this weather a proper alpaca survival kit !!...thanks for your nice comments, Im at the bottom of that hill of life climbing up !!......Jayne

  5. Yes the cows are mine....and the dogs..and the chickens..and the horses...oh and a pet lamb..and a pygmy goat...I think that's it..oh not forgetting the and farm...I think that its....Oh and the alpacas of course.....Im looking after them all....the're keeping me going.....its down to me Im afraid...onwards and upwards.....Jayne

  6. Lovely pics, happy pacas! I run about with ours to keep them warm too. Works for me aswell!