Sunday 31 January 2010

Halter ego...

"Anyone for cricket? I didn't have a mirror handy when I put udder salve on my nose and may have smudged a bit".

Did a bit more halter training today. Both Autumn and Ambrosia were fairly accepting of the halter. Then I put a lead rope on, and let them follow their mums to show them it wasn't harmful. Funny thing was, in a bitter northerly wind with frost on the ground, it didn't seem the same experience as indicated in Marty McGee Bennetts' video, where shorts and a tee-shirt are required...if we waited 'til it was warm and sunny, we'd be too late.

I fixed up the weather recording station as you can see on the post behind the girls - and as if on cue, the wind started to blow.

One of our cria we had shorn at 5-weeks as the adults were being shorn, however, the other hadn't been born, so she now has her shaggy baby fleece above the later fleece - does anyone know whether show judges see through that, or is it normal to carry out a surface trim - it must be a common situation.


  1. Show judges see through the tuey fleece - with it's "velcro" attributes. You will be disqualified if you do any other trimming to the blanket area (it's called "blocking") after the main shearing. You can however, trim tales, topknots and legs a bit. Great staple length - good luck in the spring shows!
    Julie Roy - Alpacas of Anza Valley

  2. Trimming!!!!!!! Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!
    It is something that shouldn't be done and definitely something the judges will be looking for.
    They'll see through all that baby stuff.
    Will you be going to the BAS Spring show?

  3. Thanks to you both for that advice. Yes we hope to go to the Spring Show.

  4. Im just checking for any signs of snow...down aint got any ...I've got it all up here...sadly....any way it gives you time to build that new log store ! you've been promising yourself !!....Jayne

  5. Hi Dave,
    We usually get a couple of foot each year, normally snowed in for 4/5 days...but this year, its broken all the records...snowed in for 4 weeks !...and the snow was about 4ft deep up the track to the farm, its was so cold it never thawed and hence...we were stuck...and theres more forecast for Feb, I can only hope its going to come and go quickly !.....Jayne