Wednesday 19 August 2009

"Hay hay, my my" *

On monday we celebrated** as it was one year since Moira and Minnie arrived -that was an exciting day -one year on, and we have five beautiful girls in the field - what started as a more sustainable and interesting way of keeping the grass cut - I find I am spending more time cutting docks and nettles than I would have if we had no alpacas - there's irony - not only that, it turns out to be a totally absorbing and fulfilling occupation/hobby/responsibility.

I've ordered some hay which I hope will see us through the winter.

Coincidentally, on monday two gentlemen alpacas arrived for a date with Minnie and Pela, and spent twenty minutes orgling, while cria looked on awkwardly...Spinster of this parish, Moira, can be seen in the distance, pondering on what might have been had nature had other plans for her...

Posting this blog now, as our daughters wedding is on the 29th, and we have a champagne reception twixt wedding and main reception, here in the garden, so slowly going into meltdown... I was preparing my speech, but got side-tracked by alpaca blogs...

Currently enjoying listening to U2 - having to miss their gig at Cardiff on saturday due to wedding preparations. However, tomorrow I'm going to try and get tickets for Muse who are playing two nights in Teignmouth soon, their home town - rock 'n roll that big (and good) doesn't visit the West Country very often (Glastonbury Festival excepted), so it's worth a try.

** we didn't actually celebrate - far too busy for that...
*Hey hey, my my - Neil Young


  1. It's all go in the shed! The gents look as if they are having a great time, and the ladies of course!!! Is Moira not fertile?

  2. Hope all goes well with the wedding and that the alpacas behave beautifully for adoring guests!
    I have some females spittingnow which is promising - less promising one still sitting for the 4th time and one desperate female on the outside of the pen waiting for a revisit with one of Ian's boys. She only came home as she's playing a very nice auntie to my orphan.
    Hey ho!
    Did you go along to the Fibrefest at the weekend? Picked up a little inspiration.
    Take care, Jane

  3. No, disappointed not to get to Fibrefest, but wedding prep duties looked very well served by the 'industry'. Hoping for spit-offs next week.