Sunday 9 August 2009

Chicken chaser.

Autumn Golds growing pains get the better of her in the evening, and she just loves to chase a chicken - don't worry, the chicken got away!

What a lovely weekend - hot and sunny here. Trimmed the hedge between garden and field.

Thoughts turning to land management regarding herd development - we only have an acre and a bit, and five girls now. If we mate Pela and Minnie now, and get another two next summer, and then mate the four girls we currently have which should be capable next summer, then next summer/autumn we may be over-using our resources with seven animals. Need to look into what agistment involves - it's a word I've seen bandied about alot, but without any clarification.


  1. Love the chicken picture. My poor chickens are terrorised by my crias - very funny to watch though! They don't seem to be too bothered as it hasn't put them off the lay!

  2. ha ha! Ours chase the local ducks away from their feed troughs!