Sunday 9 July 2023

2022 - A Summary

Well life got in the way of blog posts this year - more accurately, it's the growth of Facebook, so that rather than post a blog summarizing news every now and then, we post our events on Facebook as they happen weekly daily, or occasionally more than once a day. So just for the record, here's a simple list of what happened:

North Somerset Show - Apple Vale Marianne - 2nd Intermediate White Female

North Somerset Show- Apple Vale Nutmeg - 2nd Junior Light Female

Cornish Fleece show - Apple Vale Liberty - Reserve Champion Light Huacaya

SWAG Fleece Show - Apple Vale Liberty - 1st Beige Huacaya

SWAG Halter Show - Apple Vale Marianne - 2nd Adult White Female Huacaya

Katy, Lady Alice, and Madeleine were sold to a new breeder. Sadly, Katy later had a still birth at 10months, and Alice gave birth to a premature cria at 314 days - plasma was given, and it seemed to be progressing, but sadly died overnight on the third day, seemingly due to an impact, perhaps a kick or rolled on...

Libby gave birth to Pixie, a white female, at 333 days, weighing 6.34kg, in drizzle. See 2023 for show success for her.

Emily gave birth to Pumpkin Spice, white with a large grey spot on her rump, at 356 days, weighing 8.35kg on a hot afternoon, with vet's assistance due to slow progress.


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