Thursday 10 March 2016

BAS National - success

A mainly pictorial record of our successful weekend, along with pictures mainly of some of our West Country friends. Apple Vale Fortune was awarded 2nd place in the Intermediate White Male class, though his sister wasn't placed in the Junior White Female class. Joy was awarded 2nd and 3rd for two of her hand-spun, hand-woven scarvess, in a class of ten entries!
Junior Brown Male
Judges examination
Judges deliberation
A private moment between Patou Hollister and Mark, as they await they're 3rd place rosette (well done!)
Felicia with one of the Popham Suris...levitating?
Toft Timogen - 1st Adult Brown Male, with one of the co-owners: Mark
Apple Vale Fortune, with muddy shins, striding forwards.
The critical eyes of the judges, impressed by his conformation.
Absorbing the judges 'reasoning' (I am happy, honest!)
Andy Walker with Dominika, has a snooze behind Jodie Lane with Golden Charm
The leader of the Labour Party (?) passes by...while Andy Walker receives his rosette
Being Mothers Day, our son Phil' came over from Manchester to surprise Joy.
Colin Ottery wonders whether he can shear Bodi's coat...
"You're having a laugh", might be the reply!
Angersleigh Flower Girl with Gary finds it all too tiring.
Emma with Longthornes Faith
Apple Vale Gala ready for her moment.
Apple Vale Gala behaves herself.
2nd & 3rd for Joy's scarves


  1. Congratulations! And to Joy for the lovely scarves! Enjoyed the photos - and the captions!

  2. Well done Dave and Joy on your success at the National show. Especially love the scarves, Joy! Shirley & Robbie