Sunday 28 February 2016

Excitement is building.

With only days to go before the BAS National Show, preparations are being made in all 'departments'. Halter training has continued with stuttering progress - I'm sure they will walk like a catwalk models when it matters...I can only hope.

The trailer has been cleaned inside, and the green lichen washed off the outside -  Joy said, "are you expecting a helicopter to fly over it an inspect it?". The trailer mats have been cleaned and installed, and the partition between males and females set in place.

This afternoon, we spent some time finishing this years 'business card/brochures', each one handmade, and hopefully unique.

This years herd personalised polo shirts/jackets/caps/socks/underwear (I exaggerate) have been ordered.

The weather has been kind, with dry frosty weather for a week, but we even had to hose down the legs and toes for nail-clipping last week, while the weather was still mild. I planted some Willow cuttings this morning to provide shade and shelter, and help absorb next winters rain!

We also have some entries in the fibrezone, hand made by Joy from the fleece of our herd.

Good luck everyone who is entering, and we look forward to meeting old friends, and making new ones, do come and say hello - if you are not an alpaca owner, you are welcome to come along and have a cheap, interesting day out seeing the best alpacas in the country, and meeting the breeders, who will be delighted to introduce their show animals to you.


  1. Good luck, we will see you there for some alpaca dragging!

  2. Good Luck in the show ring - and the Fibrezone! Can't be there due to lambing
    I have also planted willows in the eternal hope of drying up my back paddock!!

  3. Good luck at the show...hope the halter training is a success! Maybe when the show team spot your personalised gear, they'll walk proudly...heads high with lovely straight backs, then stop just where you want them too and just smile sweetly when the judge has a rummage around their bits and pieces!

  4. Good luck, Team Apple Vale! Shirley & Robbie