Monday 13 July 2015

Introducing, Apple Vale Gala

No, we are not holding a fete (gala) - last wednesday, 'Apples' gave birth to a lovely female, Gala,
sired by CCNF Talon of CME. At 12 o'clock Joy had seen her and there was no odd behaviour, then when she did a head count at 3 o'clock we had one more! She had clearly been born an hour or so before, as she was sitting up, though she was damp and covered in mud, having been 'deposited' in the rolling pit! It has taken until today, for the mud to wash out with the rain (fortunately!), as it had quickly become baked-in by the sun!
For the first time in breeding, we did not witness the placenta being discharged, which I always dispose of, nor could we find it either. It must have been punctured and quickly taken by crows or a buzzard - I eventually found the remains in the boys paddock four days later! Gala was 8.95 kg, and she is tall, just like her parents, and full siblings, Empress and Fortune. Being born takes it out of you, as the next sequence shows:

 She has put on 1.3kg in five days, which is excellent progress, and her fleece is bright and full of promise.
Meanwhile, matings have commenced, and we have a couple more arranged for next week, so the plans for next year are being put firmly in place - exciting times! We have had a steady flow of guests for B & B, who all ask to meet the alpacas, and they all comment on how calm our herd are, and want to take one with them!