Sunday 28 June 2015

Fleece and field - all baled up.

Watching the rain fall this morning, with a warm glow of satisfaction, as we got the hay in last night. A good day of hot sun yesterday, burnt off fridays' rainfall, and I mustered help from local friends to lighten the load.
We've only one alpaca left to shear now, and we'll do that before this weeks heatwave, then we can get on with a few matings. Following shearing, the herd have gone from the cuddly 'fluffy teddy-bear' look, to animals of elegance and grace.
Scrumpy, before;
Scrumpy, after;
Apple Vale Golden Delicious, with her cria, Flamenco - both just shorn;
Florina, Fiesta, Elstar and Fortune, post-shearing;


  1. Great photos and lovely colours.

    I know that feeling of satisfaction when the hay is all in. Fingers crossed we get it again this year!

  2. Good looking shearing!
    Still got another field of hay to cut but as it is on top of a hill it always takes longer!

  3. No hay around here just yet, but soon we hope. Your beasties look in good trim after their haircuts. Shirley & Robbie