Sunday 29 September 2013

You pays your money, and you takes your choice.

Lazing in the autumn sunshine.

Refreshment time.

Hmm, a bit of fencing going on.
We had some teeth trimming, micro-chipping and scanning for pregnancy done this week - unfortunately only two out of five that were spittng-off were confirmed as pregnant. So we've had to think hard about whether to have one more try at this late stage of the season, or re-set the 'birthing clock' to next spring for the females concerned. This is one of the disadvantages to not having your own stud males, not being able to carry out spit-offs at will - another being the number of journeys you have to make to get a full set of pregnant females. On the other hand, you have the choice of many stud males, and you don't have to find 'work' for a stud if you own one. You 'pays' your money and you 'takes' your choice.


  1. Could you borrow a spit-off male and companion for the summer next year? Some studs do offer that.

    I am with you on individual selection of a male. We have 4 stud males (soon to be 5) but still use some outside services too.

  2. Nothing better than seeing the animals lying around in the sun and being completely relaxed. Lovely 'long shot' of the area Dave. Shirley & Robbie