Sunday 22 September 2013

Tap Dance beats Can Can.

The Inquisitors
Today, I installed the water standpipe bringing water supply to the new paddocks. As usual, the alpacas were very inquisitive as to what was going on, and a crowd gathered to watch.
The first water flows into the can
It will eliminate having to carry endless cans of water over the hill during warm weather.
We had a look into the fleece of Elstar and Empress yesterday, and both are very nice - Empress's has developed amazingly in 8 weeks, developing great character in crimp and staples, while keeping its original brightness, lustre and softness.

We've discovered a group of ladybirds camped in a knot in one of the gates for a couple of weeks. Most of the time, with the gate shut, the latch keeps them sheltered, they are only exposed when I open the gate:
Now you see us...

Now you don't!


  1. Happy tappy. We also have ladybirds seeking shelter.

  2. Great title...had me intrigued!

  3. Barbara, hope you didn't imagine me Line Dancing with alpacas? Sometimes the title can be more interesting than the post!

  4. A water standpipe - another job we need to do one of these years and before someone's knuckles start dragging on the ground with carrying watering cans! Shirley & Robbie