Sunday 21 October 2012

Someone takes offence.

Feeding time.
 We spent a bit of time preparing 'the tennis court' today, a little paddock we are renting, which is a bit of secure space we can use for weaning and other purposes - we'd flattened a lot of ant hills and re-seeded them, and the grass has sprouted, and we've cut back a lot of bramble - however, I had stacked 30 fence posts behind a hedge three weeks ago until we are ready to do the fencing, and today I noticed that eight were missing... in a sleepy village with no pub, street lights, or until now, I thought, crime... so I told Mrs. Smallholder, and over lunch we discussed the possibilities - I headed back to carry out a thorough search and ask the neighbours if they'd, 'seen anything'... as I approached, I noticed an apple-pickers step ladder leaning against a Chestnut tree in a  thicket by the paddock, hidden by brambles, and saw a fence post leaning against the ladder...I went in, and saw three posts lying on the ground near the tree... I looked up, and fifteen feet up in the bows of the tree I saw the remaining posts lashed together as the commencement of a tree-house! My daughter says someone needs to tell Kevin McCloud that he is taking this 'off the grid' thing to an extreme! I say they'd been 're-purposed' before I'd even given them a bloomin' purpose! 

"hmm...which is the smallest hole my head will fit through?"

While I was digging out some weeds from Mrs. Smallholders veg. garden, Discovery lived up to his name and got his head stuck trhough the fence again - I had to pull his body back while Mrs. S threaded his head through.

Golden Delicious
Later, we went out with a 30m tape and did some measuring... and it wasn't fleece we were measuring...
Darcy Spice - a mummys boy


  1. Still keeping us in suspenders then? I'm on to you Bearman!

  2. When our boy Kenzie first came to us he actually wove his head through one hole and back through another! We covered the whole fence with Euromesh that night, and later had to replace all the wire with a smaller scale one. The experience hasn't dulled Kenzie's explorer spirit though, he now likes to climb the stone walls to reach the weeds and thorns beyond.

  3. Mark: you'll 'ave to catch me first!
    Bev: I think another breeder (unless it was you?)blogged about this several months ago as it happened frequently to one animal of theirs, and their vet attributed it to vit. B deficiency, I believe, though don't quote me on it - I'll find out if you're interested.