Sunday 28 October 2012

Moonlight shadow.

Night-cap for Golden Delicious.

With a 'spare' hour last night to say goodbye to British Summertime, I took tripod and camera up the hill for some experimentation. these pictures were taken between 11.30pm and 12.15a.m - it's amazing how much 'light' the camera absorbs (the sky did look black), and how many stars, more than I could see!

Orion grazes the horizon, with Jupiter above.
Principally, good breeding relies on selection of suitable genetics, deliberate breeding choices, considered and programmed  husbandry, and well-managed grazing and housing - but there are in-between times when you just have to be out with your herd, and if you can share a hobby with them, day or night everyone's happy! It was freezing cold of course, and it took about two hours to warm up afterwards!
With Orion off to the right, Castor and Pollux, the heavenly twins float 'above'
Autumn Gold with Golden Delicious in her shadow.
Yesterday was clear and sunny all day, with a fierce northerly wind, which helped dry the ground, so I got the paddocks cleaned, and drove (manually) fifteen fenceposts into the tennis court paddock - the alpacas enjoyed the dryer conditions and had a mass gathering in the rolling pit -  this morning, rain is lashing down, and I have to go the office and do the VAT return...back with more news soon hopefully.


  1. Great photographs Dave. I was 'out' until 3am, or was that 2am and can vouch for the cold. With that North wind it was bitter.
    Your dedication is inspiring!

  2. Fantastic photos ... what a great idea, albeit a bit cold. Now you know what we have to put up with up North ! that wind is bitter !! Its official .... Winter is here ....and the wellies are out .......Jayne

  3. Well worth getting a little nippy (umm is that northern!) to get such great photos!!!

  4. Eat your heart out Patrick Moore - great photos! Shirley & Robbie

  5. Barbara, we use nippy too - but perhaps we don't need to quite as often!

  6. ...and we too had a bout of decidedly "nippy" weather over here but it's warmed up a little today and I don't think we're yet into Winter!

  7. Very good photos!
    Cold here as well - wet as well!

  8. Wow, lovely photos, it looks so light.