Sunday 29 July 2012


The 8.12 bell tolls -
Using a gong that hangs in our porch, which we bought at Applecross near the Isle of Skye a few years ago, I joined in with the bell ringing on friday morning, to herald the launch of the 2012

It's a chance for alpacas to show those skills not judged in the show ring, but practiced every week in their home paddocks - so far the programme is:

High jump - leap out of a pen made u psuccessively  from 3foot, 4 foot and 6 foot hurdles;
Long jump - leap over a disinfectant mat;
Cria sprint;
Cria jumping (over adult alpacas!)
Cria synchronised pronking;
Cria gymnastics;;
Target Spit;
Scatter spit;
Water trough cramming (most alpacas in the trough) in the Aquatic Centre;
Rolling pit - most 180degree turns in 1  minute;
For owners, The Faecal Sprint - to retrieve a  poo sample from a specific animal from 50m away (requires good eye and speed before you lose it);
Feed bucket hurling;
Herd round-up (one man without his dog);

There's still space in the programme for a few more events, if anyone has other suggestions...

Meanwhile we watch Autumn Gold (third from left) who reaches 11months pregnant tomorrow - she is a lovely-natured alpaca, though comes across as slightly 'dippy', and we wonder whether she'll have any idea what's going on, but hope she's been watching the others!


  1. What about a gold medal for the 400 metre dash i.e the fastest alpaca through the gate that you accidently left open at the other end of the paddock...this is usually a relay event for us!

  2. Up here in the Pennines we specialise in fell running, including stone wall climbing.

  3. We could add:
    -how many alpacas will poo directly into the bucket at poo-clearing time?
    -how many feed bowls can 1 alpaca manage to get round before it's all gone?
    -how long can you leave an open water bucket on the ground before it becomes a paddling pool?
    We all clearly don't have enough work to do, do we?!

    Good luck to all thos pacas taking part at Apple Vale!

  4. Brilliant!
    Just need the pictures to go with it!

  5. Excellent suggestions - I can identify with them!