Sunday 10 June 2012

Baby - alpaca
Last weekend we completed the shearing, doing Bramley and Camelot. Camelots fleece had grown very quickly from birth and we had wished that we had her cria-shorn, so it was very long - shearing was very difficult, finding his body almost impossible, at the time I said it was like sorting through a multi-layered wedding dress in a snow-storm! But once it was off, my daughter Kerry, whisked it away and took this photo of our granddaughter Pixie lying in the fleece!

Elton John was excellent in Taunton last week, though the rain prompted us to make our own full-length ponchos from single matress bags before setting off, and they proved just the job! We then spent two nights at our son's in Manchester, and on the way home called in at IKEA and managed to come away with only ONE more item than we went for, rather than the usual trolley-full!!
Camelot and Bramley take part in an ankle-biting session.

Fair-weather friends? or foul-weather fowl? (the hen had been sitting beside Pelachuta (the light fawn) until I came back with the camera) Note the good attempts to hit the concrete 'latrine'
Pelachuta's pregnancy reached ten-and-a-half months today, and she celebrated by sitting around on her own in unusual places which prompted me to check the 'birthing bag'.


  1. What a beautiful photograph of Pixie...that really is baby alpaca at its best.

  2. Lovely photo, bet Pixie has never been so snug!