Sunday 3 June 2012

Ambrosias 'haircut' wins her a 'place'.

After discovering a flat tyre on the trailer at 9 o'clock the night before, we trooped off to the Royal Bath & West Show on thursday with Bramley entered in the Intermediate Female Brown class, and Ambrosia for company, sporting her newly shorn style - recent visitors to this blog will recall that I had taken off a little too much of her top-knot, leaving a slightly severe look. Now if I had a pound for every visitor that came up to our pen and said to Ambrosia, "aah, why are you looking so miserable?" I'd have rather a lot of pounds - well alright, since you asked, about twenty.

Bramley fidgeted a lot in the ring, but didn't disgrace herself and improved on her fourth-place at the Devon County Show, gaining a third, which confirmed our decision to arrange an exciting liasion in a few weeks time with a male of the species.We also have a quality mating arranged for Ambrosia, and so are hoping we'll be demonstrating some great characteristics for 2013 cria  from dams born here, in addition to what this summers births bring, having laid good genetic foundations in place.

The alpaca show had been invited by the main show organisers to parade daily around the countryside arena as a demonstration of British alpacas - many of the top rosette winners were gathered, and as a demonstration of a shorn alpaca, Ambrosia was invited to join the group, and so of course we jumped at the chance!

Right, having caught up with The Voice, and glad to see that Lianne won, we're off to See Elton John at Taunton Cricket Ground tonight.


  1. Well done...Bath and West is a tough one!

    We went to see Elton john at Durham Cricket club a few years ago...fantastic...enjoy!

  2. Ah Elton, splendid dibbly dobbly outswing third change bowler and a swing and miss tail-ender. However he has lovely soft hands and moves surprisingly well in the field for a man of his age.

  3. Proof that your 'barbering' skills are not bad after all then! Shirley & Robbie