Sunday 13 May 2012

Dry eggs, bare legs.

Moira, maiden matriarch enjoys the evening sunshine, and while not the most glamorous alpaca, we've all got one, and I'm happy to give her 15 minutes of fame.

Very disappointed not to go to the North Somerset Show, which was for a variety of reasons, but primarily, one of the show team wasn't able to wear a halter due to soreness, so that left one, and the weather forecast and ground conditions were awful, and I was sure my (4x4) car wouldn't have had the weight or power to get the trailer out - but it sounds like those that went found a unifying situation in the conditions, and were full of praise for the organisers and volunteers, for making an event out of dreadful conditions. I used the unexpected opportunity to spend the day in the shed, and made a produce stand for Mrs. Smallholders eggs and veg.

The local bus stops outside while the driver buys eggs and asks passengers if they want any!

Yesterday I helped out with haltering and handling at the dispersal sale of Ashill Alpacas. It was very well set up and their alpacas are well-behaved, so all went smoothly. It was held in their village hall, and the fine weather made the day very pleasant. The selling prices were undoubtedly low, but that nearly always is the case with most commodities, except for the exceptionally good quality 'items' where two or more bidders recognise the quality and go after it - prices will tend to be lower than the open market because of the quantity on offer at one time, the relatively short time that a bidder has to decide on their purchase, and the fact that there is little, or no after-sales service or back-up - it's an understandable means to sell a herd unless you can plan your down-size over a number of years, but then the herd will become 'over-aged' and taken over by other breeding developments.

Great to have some warm sunshine this weekend, enough to bare the legs for the first time this year, while I shifted a ton of manure from 'A' to 'B' - should have put it at 'B' in the first place!

Devon County Show this week, and not sure whether we'll be showing but we'll be there, and looking forward to it, and we are working on the doubtful one.


  1. Mrs S will be well chuffed with the mini supermarket at her front door! Glad somebody is getting some sunshine somewhere - enjoy. Shirley & Robbie

  2. Do you pay your local bus driver a commission??!! Sad to see a herd broken up but hopefully all went to good homes taking a few friends with them.

  3. As you say sometimes dispersal sales are unavoidable, at least the village hall looks much less stressfull than an auction mart.

    Very impressed with the produce stand Dave!

  4. You better be at the Show

  5. You better be at the Show