Thursday 17 May 2012

Devon County Show

Camelot, Bramley, and three ducks in the evening sun.

We withdrew from the North Somerset Show after Bramley reacted badly to her halter a few days before - this was because she had scabs on her jaw which I hadn't realised were there - I had treated her for mites  five weeks earlier with injected treatment and facial scrub and healing cream, but hadn't realised the extent of scabbing beneath her fleece, which I presumed had created tenderness to the halter. So I increased the healing treatment cream, changing to udder salve with daily assessment and application, and lunchtime yesterday gave her a shampoo to reduce the greasey-ness, giving time in the afternoon to dry. Last night I tried the halter, and she happily walked around the garden, before getting a little fractious.
you put your left leg in...

So, with a little trepidation, and a lot of optimism, we set off at 6 this morning for the Devon County Show - she didn''t disappoint, behaved well, and came away with a fourth place rosette, with favourable comments from judge Val Fullerlove, in particular that it was a good group, all with ideal conformation, and good fleeces, and highlighting Bramley's brightness.

As I stood in the line-up, I noticed Mrs. Smallholder being 'whisked off' by Herr Patou, and wondered what was up back in the pens (or was he just seizing a chance to treat her to a hot chocolate and  eccles cake?) - but no, apparently Camelot, who had travelled as chaperone for Bramley, was missing her so much he had leapt out of the pen  in the marquee - Mark (Herr Patou), had noticed this athletic behaviour, walked up to Camelot (who had frozen on the spot), and with his years of experience arrested Camelot and escorted him back to his pen. As he raced off to inform Mrs. S, he didn't realise that Camelot would make another leap for freedom to be with Bramley during her time in the show ring, but another breeder stepped in to prevent his escape - Bramley, meanwhile, was collecting her fourth place rosette. The weather was drizzly with a cold wind - not as good as forecast, but not as bad as it could have been, so a good day overall.


  1. Excellent result and Bramley did you proud for the athletics behind the scenes....Just as well Herr Patou was swiftly on the case !!.....Well Done....Jayne

  2. Congratulations! Sounds like you had a good time too!

  3. Great result for the lovely Bramley!