Sunday 17 April 2011

'paca on the patio.

It's been very warm today - the girls haven't had access to the shelter lately as we've been rotating the paddocks to get them harrowed, fertilised and weed treated. I've cleaned out all of the straw, and dusted walls and floor with diatomaceous earth to tackle any mites lurking in nooks and crannies.

So as the day warmed up, I got out the water trough, but before I could turn the tap on, the girls were dipping feet into it, and Ambrosia sat down in it, with just a puddle in the bottom - after they had all had a dip, I put my thumb over the end of the hosepipe, and they enjoyed a shower, Autumn let me spray her belly. They then went and settled in the shade of the shelter for a while.

Later on, I let them onto the lawn for some lush grass. Bramley took this a bit too far, and perhaps remembering her route to the trailer for the recent show, decided to explore the patio (yes, where we keep the trailer! you'd understand it if you saw the layout).

"Here's my trailer, let's go to a show"   

"I can accelerate in the smallest of spaces"

"up across Mrs. Smallholders' shrubbery- don't tell her" - the pots are covering young shrubs to stop them being eaten!
"uh oh, Mum's come to get me..."
The ducklings are growing steadily, and spend all day on the lawn now.
Oh, nearly forgot to mention Polly Poover (or is it Henrietta?) She's had a couple of outings, and I am impressed with the thoroughness of her work - I almost wanted to picnic in a latrine, it was so clean and lush afterwards - but I didn't.

Just watching the documentary of Ben Fogles' visit to the hut of Captain Scott of the Antarctic, a story I became spell-bound by, as a boy - I think it was told in a Blue Peter annual - amazing how so much is still preserved by the intense cold.


  1. Looks like Bramley is having a great time...speeding round the garden...are you sure she wasn't playing musical statues !!...with the shrubs..!!....Jayne

  2. Bramley...looking cute as pie:)

  3. Bramley is looking gorgeous, glad you are enjoying Polly Poover!

  4. Great action shots Dave!