Sunday 30 January 2011

Eye in the sky.

The week began with a Burns Supper in the village hall - it's an extra special date, as I met Mrs. Smallholder at a Burns Supper, so it's an easily-remembered date (that's handy!), and great fun if it's done with all the traditional aspects.  It's continued cold and frosty this week, mainly over-cast, but today has been sunny all day. The alpacas all had a good roll in the rolling pit now that it is drying out. I gave them all their monthly ADE paste, and all were well -behaved.

Yesterday the South-West Alpaca Group held a Fibre-to-Market day at the premises of Classical Mile End Alpacas. It was well-attended, with talks on all aspects of fleece production and processing, and as always, good for socialising. It was bone-chillingly cold, so much so, that with frozen water pipes, we had to flush the loo by hand with jerry-cans - Rachel ensured we all kept warm with a great lunch.

On friday, I scored a hat-trick, having watched three films in the last couple of weeks, without falling asleep! In the past, I've even  fallen asleep during a James Bond film, to mention just one - but we've just seen all of the trilogy of The Girl with the Dragon tattoo, The Girl who Played with Fire, and The Girl who Kicked the Hornets Nest - Mrs. Smallholder had read all three books in six days over Christmas and the New year, so they were highly recommended.

Just as I was coming in at sunset this evening, a flock of Starlings flew over, heading towards the nature reserve that was shown on Countryfile last week, where they perform their roosting aerial ballet - the flock must have been two hundred yards long and twenty-five yards wide- in the garden, Starlings are the bullies, but their air displays are amazing.


  1. Good to see you yesterday, interesting things we can all do with our fibre, good lunch and lots of Alpaca talk. I had to come home and start knitting!

  2. Now have with seen The photo entry yet...are you teasing us or keeping it/them under wraps? I need to know :))

  3. Sorry 'with' should have been 'we' is Monday morning!

  4. Still waiting for that special moment - only a few days left, it's going to rain, and I'll be at the day job for most of