Saturday 18 December 2010

This blog has some snow in it.

Hi everyone - I make no apologies for attaching our snow pictures -we had 'just' six inches of snow last night, now that's a third of what some readers have had, but here near the Somerset Levels, that was a huge amount, and very rare - for today, we loved it, especially as it had the decency to come over night, and we had blue skies all day - if it lasts for weeks, I'm sure we'll come to hate it as much as anyone who's already had three weeks of it - anyone who has alpacas will know the pleasure that every new situation brings, as you observe and share their exploration of new things (even though, all they really want is some grass to graze on!) - enjoy the pics:

Moira has a snow bath...


  1. I agree snow pics are great...actually when it doesn't get too sub-zero I am a bit of a fan of the white stuff too...thou I wouldn't go as far as Moira...well not when anyone was watching!

  2. Lovely pics. We've not got much more snow than you actually. It looks beautiful in the sun. Mad Moira, what is she thinking????

  3. Merry all at Apple Vale....your snow looks much nicer than mine !!....have a wonderful festive season......Jayne