Sunday 12 December 2010

Marmite for alpacas?

Sunday is alfalfa day, and it's been a beautiful day here, so it was 'high tea' in the field, which had been completely cleaned for the week ahead. Bramley is having a roll in front of Autumn in the picture. This morning we collected a trailer load of hay, which, with our current stock, should see us through to the middle of April, and we hope to secure another batch to see us through to summer. I gave all the alpacas a drench dose of mineral supplement (marmite for alpacas).
When asked whether she knew anything about some straw going missing from the shelter, Moira had more urgent feeding to attend to rather than own up!

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  1. Hi Dave, Love the 'bucket' photos and Moira in her new winter coat. Don't they just love it when they make themselves messy and we humans want them to be lovely and clean all the time! Take care. Shirley & Robbie