Sunday 5 September 2010

8-legged cria?

Here's a few pics to show Bramleys first two weeks...
She's been gaining weight steadily, around 300g a day, mind you, weighing is a proper wrestling match!
Last year, the balance we'd bought was faulty, so I held the cria and stood on bathroom scales - quite straight-forward! However, this year we've got a new digital balance and sling, but getting her in and out of the sling is like wrestling an octopus!
This weekend, I've tidied the paddocks of all Nettles and Docks, topped the latrines, and taken faecal samples from each girl for parasite testing by Mrs. Smallholder - two weeks ago, I re-seeded some bare patches, including half the rolling pit which was getting bigger and bigger as rain washed the soil down the slope, and this weekend the new grass has appeared in spite of the chickens best efforts to eat the seed (I had to fence off with hurdles, and then found the chickens squeezing underneath, and so had to lay some hurdles flat over the seeded area to keep them off!)


  1. Bramley is gorgeous. What a mighty fantastic colour...joining the competition?!

    She looks especially good in the 3rd photo, although I do think that you might allow a lady a little privacy in the bathroom!

    I know what you mean about weighing them using a sling...not so easy when they wriggle about.

  2. Bramley is a real sweetie....she looks so doubt growing up quickly...what a fantastic...colour.....Jayne

  3. Completely gorgeous! Fantastic colour! I want her!

    Erm, not planning on taking her to the Spring show are you?

  4. Hi Dave, Thanks for the Peacock butterfly info on our blog - quite right, we checked on the internet! Bramley is really lovely, great photos. Shirley & Robbie

  5. Bramley looks lovely - good enough to eat!!