Tuesday 22 June 2010

Video clip before fleece clip...

Press the 'play' button to see my Fathers Day gift from our son (go to www.philbearman.co.uk for video graphics design)- a brief introduction to our herd. Double-click on the screen shot otherwise you get a cropped view.

They've now been shorn, courtesy of Mike Banks on sunday - and the word in my head all day at work on monday, was 'elegant' (the 'pacas, not Mike!) - I couldn't wait to get home and see them again. Seeing your cria after their first shearing is amazing - you've watched them grow for nearly a year to full size, and can't imagine the body inside all that fleece - and I was surprised how they look so different facially.

The little rabbit hutch shown in the background to one scene, had been housing five six-week old chickens, but unfortunately a relative(s) of Basil Brush dragged the hutch away from the wire mesh pen, pushed in the doors, and ripped off the plywood end, breaking it! no sign of the birds at all in the morning - I think it must have been a whole family of foxes.


  1. Lovely!! Great choice of music Dave.

  2. That's great, it must have taken ages to get all those clips to put together!