Tuesday 13 April 2010

Show preps.

It's full-on getting ready for the SWAG Show this saturday. The girls had Lambivac jabs at the weekend - all were very good, except young Autumn Gold who wriggled like an eel, and with her long baby fleece was impossible to get a clear 'tent' of skin visible, and then would kush.

They have had daily halter leading onto the lawn familiarising the route to the trailer, with the bonus of lush grass as a treat, and the adults join them for that.

I've been sprucing up the trailer, and though I've checked the show rules, beyond the familiar assessment of conformation of the animal, handle and fineness of fleece etc. can find no mention of trailer condition, or 'most improved' trailer...oh well, I'm sure the girls will appreciate it...

Mrs. Smallholder is even dusting off her laboratory coat, to be rejuvinated as a show coat.

The weather has been a great help for preparations.

Let the show begin.


  1. Good luck at the show, I'm sure you will enjoy yourselves.

  2. They are looking good Dave.

    Good luck with the trailer loading and with the prize winning. Can't wait to hear more.


  3. Enjoy your moment in the ring ...it will be all over..before you know it...and then you'll just be loking forward to the next one !!...Looking Good...by the way !....Jayne