Monday 5 April 2010

Ramps, rivets and reversing...

What a great weekend - four days off the day job. The weather wasn't great by a long shot, but hey ho, it didn't prevent much 'work' being done.

We started with a bit of civil engineering, by building and turfing a ramp as shown in the photo - we've got three flights of steps from the top of the back garden and lawn down to the house and the front - the field is at the back of course, and our vehicle access to the field is via another field (owned by others) where the horses have churned up both gateways, so the chance of getting our trailer in, in wet weather is zero. So to get the 'pacas to the trailer should be easier through the garden - hence the ramp - saving the trial 'til next weekend so that the turf can bed-in.

I've spent some time tidying up the trailer, replaced some rivets, and touched-up the paint, and went for some reversing practice at a local disused airfield - our lane is quite narrow, and the drive is at right-angles, with walls each side, so not much room for error or adjustment - when I got back after buying the trailer we un-hitched it and pushed it once it was half in, but yesterday, I got it in with the car at the second attempt, so it is possible.

I've had the weanlings on halters and had all the girls on the lawn for some long grass. I'm wondering how else to halter train for showing - should I lead them to the flapping washing line? or should I enlist the neighbours banging dustbin lids like they train police dogs and horses? Should I bellow through a road-cone to emulate the commentators tannoy? How will they react to a number hung around their neck? (not impressed, if the lead rope is anything to go by).

With all the wet weather, I've had to enter them in both the white and fawn classes, to cover my options on the day...


  1. You look like you got a bit of sun down there this weekend - please send it this way!!

    I always find it's the numbers round the necks that upset the animals at shows. If you can tie it round your arm instead it works much better.

  2. They always perform better than you think they will in my experience. As long as they are past the 'drag' phase you'll be fine. I take it you will be unveiling the show team at the SWAG Spring Show?

  3. Well done! Mastering trailer reversing already. I am seriously hopeless being some what handicapped by not knowing the difference between left and right!

  4. Dave it sounds like your'e having an action packed...time. Im sure the show team will be on their best might even be impressed..!! AS for the reversing...all in goof time...once you've mastered the art you'll be...showing the drop of a hat !!........I've checked mrssmallholder's and it just brings me back to you !....Jayne