Sunday 13 September 2009

Waxing lyrical...

Something is missing from this picture - alpacas. While established alpaca breeders were able to swan around at a cheese fair (only joking!), at the beginners end of the industry there was a shelter extension to continue building - and in this weather, it's great to be outdoors.

What was amusing at feeding time this morning, was Minnie and Moira ducking as if birds were dive-bombing when they caught sight of the rafters above - so much so, that I had to take their buckets outside - Pela, who will eat anything anywhere wasn't at all bothered.

Taking note of my alpaca care training, I tried to top up my vitamin D intake, and went topless - it was due to the lack of a tee-shirt that my under-arm came into contact with sticky timber sap resin, and I discovered a cheap way of removing body hair!

Minnie had another facial scrub followed by Ruggle-It salve.

Autumn had another anti-biotic jab - yet again, she leapt before I'd finished so I had to stick the needle in again, we had another bleed, and it clearly caused her some irritation for a while after. Are there any tips for injecting cria?


  1. Very impressed with the construction work! Thanks for your email. I'm living in hope that 6 out of my nine are at least pregnant now and possibly 2 more when we do spit-offs next week. Ian is visiting with a stud for Amaia on Wednesday and returning my 4 females that have been with him. All fingers crossed that any existed pregnancies hold good for us.
    Poor Minnie - is it showing any signs of improvement?
    I've decided cria are far more awkward than adults to inject. They are so wriggly and not enough of them to get a decent hold of!
    Say hello to Mrs Smallholder for me!
    Bye for now,

  2. That looks good! Expanding - you'll be considering world domination next. Funny how the alpaca bug gets you....

  3. Now, now, one day you also may be able to swan around at a Cheese Festival!