Saturday 12 September 2009

'Paca pampering

After a visit to Boots the Chemist, I set out to practice as as a beauty consultant - armed with a shower body buffing 'thing', and exfoliating glove (I see where Michael Jackson got the idea for a single white glove as a fashion statement from), I gave Minnie a facial scrub with Ruggle-It shampoo (formerly Stop-It-All). Pleasingly, she is quite tolerant to this, though it is difficult to do the upper jaw without spooking her, once she can see what you are doing.

We are advised that there must be a fungal problem since we have tried several products against mites, so now a concerted effort to get this cleared up.

We made the most of a beautiful evening to take our dinner up the top of the hill as the sun set, with a glass of wine, which Ambrosia appears to be interested in - see photograph.

As I type this enjoying a hot cross bun for supper, I wonder, 'did I miss Christmas? Mrs. Smallholder says she held off buying them through the summer. It must be autumn - it's the Last Night of The Proms

I made a meaningful start on extending the shelter this afternoon, which was very satisfying - after the beauty therapy, it brought out the cave-man in me. This will give a larger covered area infront of the shelter, and hopefully reduce the slipperyness there in wet weather.

We have opened up the little paddock at the top of the 'alotment', which has not been grazed before, to allow the other paddocks to rest, while there is still some warmth for growth.

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  1. Hope the wash works - the shampoo is supposed to be good. Please let us know as I am considering splashing out on some.