Sunday 7 June 2009

Ambrosias first week

Ambrosia is 1 week old today. She seems to be doing very well, along with mum, Minnie. There has been an air of calm amongst the three adults, and they all look out for the new one if somebody approaches, and in the fierce heat earlier in the week, they all stood around Ambrosia to give shade.

I've put a small childs 'clamshell' sandpit as paddling pool, but it's not large enough for them to get into - they like to splash water with their front legs. I've looked at childrens paddling pools, and also a sheep footbath - I'd love to know what other breeders find successful for them to bathe in and keep cool - I don't want to have a broken leg or a pool that they don't use


  1. Hi,
    Congratulations to Ambrosia on her first week in this big wide world....I also have 'clamshell' paddle pools for my alpacas, however this year...they haven't quite got the hang of it...unlike last year, you couldn't keep them out !....Jayne

  2. Last year in the very short hot period that we had before shearing (we did shear quite late)we used a hose pipe. Some of the alpacas absolutely loved being hosed down and would come running to get soaked. I must point out that there were few that didn't like it at all!



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