Monday 8 June 2009

Ambrosia steals the show

Forgot to mention last night - we had Open Gardens in the village on saturday, and we had been invited to open ours - so far so good - Mrs. Smallholder worked like a trojan for the last six weeks or so, getting the vegetable plot dug over and planted and flourishing despite the dry spring, and creating two large beds of new shrubs in the main garden - I even finally got around to fixing the green man to the wall along with the 'pot frames' (we've only been here 16 months) for the geraniums etc. Anyway we had over 50 visitors during the day, and most of them, on arrival said, "we've heard you've got alpacas, lets see them"! Mrs. Smallholder was not amused - I talked myself hoarse about alpacas, but a few people were interested in gardening, and the girls thought we had become a zoo or safari park with all the visitors staring at them! You've got to laugh. Oh, and there was a scarecrow competition, hence the picture in this blog: scare(d)crow.

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