Sunday 24 May 2009

More ice please!

It's been sweltering here today - feeling that glow you get in the evening after too long in the sun: tanned legs, arms, feet and neck- but I was putting some fence posts in - followed by a barbeque - even the dog lay on her back, legs apart - I filled the pool for the alpacas, and they emptied it twice. I've not seen Minnie, (the white) in the pool, though I have seen the other two. It seems that Minnie will sit close by to catch the splashes from the other two. You can see in the picture, Moira has stood on the edge of the pool to flip it up and scoop the last drops out! I'm looking for something that will make a longer pool, like a drinking trough or water tank.

Feeding has been easier this week - not sure exactly why, but I went back to the original arrangement - I took the dividing sheep hurdle out, and put Minnies bucket at the back so she was more sheltered, and she has seemed calmer.

Tango the hen has been showing her brood around the place - she's been showing them how to scratch the ground to find food, and if the other hens or cocks appear to be a threat, she puffs up her feathers and spreads her wings - it's as if they are attached to her by elastic, and never get too far away, without all zooming back to her to start creeping away again.


  1. Lucky you with the weather. It was nice here yesterday but not scorching. Is Pela preg too or just very fleecy? Any sign of a cria yet from Minnie? I read that spring crias are on average 2 weeks later than autumn ones. That is not something I was aware of, but all our spring births are running late this year.....we have three ready to go at around a year!

  2. AnonymousMay 26, 2009

    Can't believe your weather has been so good. Can't believe we might need to wait another MONTH before the cria arrive. We are all waiting to become Aunties at the office. - Hilda