Sunday 10 May 2009

"How much longer are you going to be in that bath?"

Its been very warm here today, and I'd been told that alpacas like a paddle, and seen pictures in magazines, so I borrowed one half of the ducks 'clamshell' paddling pool and filled it up. We slapped some mite cream onto Moiras legs, and let them out of the shelter - they went straight to the bath, and true to the herd order, Moira had first go - timidly she got her front feet in, - I think the pool is too small to get all her feet in, so she had to be inventive and flicked water back towards her belly and back legs, as you can see in the picture. Then she sat down, with just her front legs in! She spent a good quarter of an hour before letting Pela have a go - she's a bit smaller, and managed to get in, but found her feet slipping on the curved sides, so she leapt out in the same movement.

I was singing at Stourhead House (National Trust) yesterday, with a vocal harmony group which I belong to, called Jazz m'Tazz, at the Festival of the Voice, which is held annually, with over 30 groups singing at different locations around the grounds. You can find clips on You-Tube.

With our due birth-date only three weeks away, I need to do a checklist of things to do once the cria arrives - I've got books and done anti-natal classes, and bought most of the 'equipment', but I get the heeby-jeebies when I realise it could arrive any day, so I need to do a short-list of important things - its a bit like your first baby: endless equipment and supplies to buy, and you can't imagine actually using it, but at the same time worry that you've forgotten something - not sure whether to buy pink and blue balloons in advance, to tie on the gate, or do you just buy the colour you need after it arrives? - and I need a shortlist of names - I've thought of a theme, but I'll reveal that nearer the time.


  1. hope it arrives soon. they seem to beaking ages this year. love the pool shots - amazing how they love water!

  2. Hope you are not waiting as long as me, the girl furthest on is 372 day, then I have 359, 351 & 342!!!