Monday 13 April 2009

Two out of three been jabbed

Decided to use the long weekend to carry out some husbandry - vaccinations, and I'd noticed Minnies toe-nails appeared a bit curly. Started with Pela who is easily restrained, though she is a quick kicker - then did Moira who likes to give us a run around, but took the jabs and nail clipping without fuss - then time for Minnie - she is the most timid, often bullied away from her feed, but she wasn't having any jabs or toe clipping. She just threw us off as soon as we were ready to jab or clip. In the end, decided to try another time, as she was going to get too stressed, and she is seven weeks away from (11month) due birth date - perhaps that's why she was reluctant.

Today I got them in for some T-Touches to make up for yesterdays 'traumas'.

Got the brush-cutter (heavy-weight strimmer) out, as the nettles are shooting up, and we need to keep on top of them to maximise the grass for the alpacas - spread some grass seed in the bare areas - despite being 50 metres away, within ten minutes the chickens were helping themselves to the seed...

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  1. Sound a bit like our girls. Some are quite nervous of us humans! I have just started toe nail clipping - it's, err, fun!