Sunday 26 April 2009

Radio 'pa-ca?

Great excitement on friday morning, when my alpaca girls got a mention on Gaydar Radio. During the breakfast show they were discussing what listeners were going to be up to at the weekend, and my son mentioned 'in' the chatroom that he was off to see his folks in the country, where they have alpacas - the presenters picked up on this, and from this blog their conversation developed. Hello listeners.

We got Minnies toe-nails clipped with the help from a friend, Gordon at Little England Alpacas - he showed us how to handle her firmly, made easier by getting all the animals into as small a space as possible -thanks Gordon. We also put some Stop-it-All on Moiras knees, which are affected by mites. In the picture above, you can see how cracked our ground is due to the dry weather - the grass is growing, but we need rain for all the planted vegetables and new trees.

I came across an old electric guitar which the owner had been left by his father and he had no use for it himself. It had a Vox scratchplate so I made him an offer, as Vox are renowned for their classic amplifiers. One string was missing, it probably hadn't been played for twenty years, so the other strings were brittle, and it had a layer of undisturbed grime on it. Googling around I couldn't identify it, though it had a serial number embossed into the neck. My local music shop reckoned that it was probably a self-made guitar, rather crude, but with genuine Vox pickup, electrics and scratchplate. Un-deterred, I cleaned it up this morning, put new strings on it and got a tune out of it - hooray! It may not be a classic, it may be crude, but it was music, and it has an attachment to the early days of rock music, and it came through some effort and taking an opportunity myself..

While on a musical theme, I've always enjoyed word-play, and here is my list of songs or artists with a camelid influence:

A llama Morrissette - Ironic
Crowded House - Wether with you
The llamas and alpacas - California Dreamin'
Paul Simon - You can call me Al-paca
Lady Gaga - Alpaca face
Rocky Sharpe and the Replays - Rama llama ding dong
Englebert Humperdinck - Please re-fleece me
Snow Patrol - Spitting Games
The Staple Singers - I'll take you there
Elton John - Suri seems to be the hardest word
Michael Bolton - Huacaya we be lovers if huacaya be friends

Hope that made you smile - or perhaps you are wincing?


  1. LOLOL at your excellent song titles! Very clever. And well done on attracting a new audience!

  2. It might be my imagination but the girls are looking noticeably pregnant for the first time. Great blogs. Hilda