Sunday 14 September 2014

Cria nursing, risk assessment needed.

With the weather being settled, I sprinkled diatomaceous earth into the rolling pits yesterday, and within minutes the herds had gathered in their various pits, and were falling over each other to roll:
Rockin' and a rollin'...

Diatomaceous earth can be useful for preventing or reducing parasite attack in many livestock species.Our faecal testing has not shown any significant levels of parasite, but it is a good non-chemical way of treatment and prevention.
Collisions can happen, in a crowded pit!
Finish with a little shake.
Finally, I couldn't resist these shots of Flamenco, our new cria, finding a short cut to the milk bar can carry serious risks...
Flamenco, that isn't a good way to reach for a drink...
Now, it's beginning to look decidely risky...
Quick! run!
I want you to own up, if youve been in the rolling pit - I have ways of finding out!


  1. We used DE a few years ago. The alpacas definitely love rolling in it, but it ruined their fleeces. Not for the show team!

  2. yes, agree Barbara, it does need to be used at the right time and in right (dry) conditions- will all have washed off by show season for us, and they'll have rolled in all sorts of stuff between now and then, and gained from the use of it.

  3. Might try some of this stuff with our boys. No 'show team' here! Thanks for the advice on our blog, Dave. Shirley & Robbie

  4. Well you certainly caught Flamenco being a right Muppet! Probably gets that from his father.