Thursday 26 April 2012

Grandsire: Apple Vale Dave

Yes, a bit of two-legged news! Our daughter Kerry (Dam:Mrs. Smallholder, Sire: Apple Vale Dave) gave birth to a lovely daughter, Pixie Indigo Bartlett yesterday afternoon! They are doing well, though not up and running yet!

Meanwhile, I am continuing halter training Camelot, though there isn't long between downpours to get anything useful done, bearing in mind the day job. We did have some good sessions last weekend though. I've introduced a few of them to apple, having run out of carrots, though they do look like chips in the photographs!
I spent a day helping 'build' and prepare the Alpaca 2012 Show, which was an interesting insight to the huge amount of work that goes into such an event, particularly since it is a stand-alone show, not part of an agricultural show.

Storm clouds gather again...
I then attended the first day of the show, which has had many good reports.


  1. Congratulations Dave and Joy, lovely news, she looks gorgeous. Glad the waiting is over.Sue x

  2. Congratulations...lovely name too! xx

  3. Congratulations to you all and welcome to Pixie! Love the 'apple chip' photos - some 'pacas take a wee while to decide whether they want to eat apple or not we find, but most do. Take care. Shirley & Robbie

  4. Congratulations; loving your new granddaughters name.

  5. How exciting, congratulations to all, hoping for more photos as time goes by.