Wednesday 14 March 2012


How exciting! the show season kicks off tomorrow, with the British Alpaca Futurity AND Channel 4 are running the Honda adverts again with the alpaca breeder tonight- coincidence, or good planning by Chas?

Joy has a stand (Appleknit) in the Fibre Village, and she has been working tirelessly, preparing the fantastic knitted and felted teddys, plus accompanying decorations, packaging etc. At least we don't have to prepare trailers, alpacas and so on - there'll be many breeders primping 'pacas (paddock conditon of course) tinkering with trailers, fettling fleece, untangling halters and leads...

I've had an idea to help the water shortage: hopefully visitors from the north will be bringing a bottle of water to pass on to visitors from the south-east to help with the water shortage, and this could be repeated at football matches between northern clubs and the London clubs - perhaps I should keep quiet about this until I've patented it...

Moira gave me a little worry earlier this week, when she didn't have her Camelibra in the morning, or her Fibregest in the afternoon and was sitting too much - I then spotted a very soft 'motion', and as I was leaving, she was squatting so I rushed back and saw another soft one - we did a check for poisonous plants, as there is a small glade of woodland, and did a faecal test to check parasite levels - none found - a lot of research later and I concluded it was probably due to lush grass, as she has been in the new neighbouring paddock - . The following morning she was eating again, and stools fine.
This morning we found several small Cuckoopint plants shooting out, so whipped them out - they are poisonous.

Good luck at the Futurity whoever is going, and do say hello, if you are there.


  1. Looking forward to catching up with you both x

  2. Brilliant water idea, genius!
    See you later!